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10 Rural Tourism Destinations in India

Villages have a totally different atmosphere of themselves. The calm, peaceful, lush green rural areas have preserved the culture of our land. Once there one would surely… Read more »

India around the year experiences visitors. Visitors of all kind! Some for whom luxuries are a status symbol and the others who like exploring. There are many… Read more »

Who does not want to go out for a holiday where he can get the best of spa facilities. After all admist all the workload and hectic… Read more »

Places to Visit in and Around Ladakh

India is a land of diversities. Not only is it known around for all the cultures that have survived here peacefully but also is it known for… Read more »

Unexplored Camping Destinations in India

India being the 7th largest country based on the geographical division has some of the best camping destinations around the world. Although almost 70% of them are… Read more »

Water can be taken as a symbol of peace. The calm and peaceful flow usually attracts tourists. May it be to spend holidays or for the purpose… Read more »

10 Most Dangerous Ghost Places in India

The existence of ghosts has so far not been believed by all. While some completely oppose their existence there are many who have felt their presence or… Read more »

Luxury may not be a man’s need but is surely a man’s want. Different people look for different facilities when they are taking a trip or are… Read more »

10 Most Adventurous Trekking Destinations in India

Are you bored of the same hectic schedules at the offices and the same lazy life at home? It’s time for you to step out and take… Read more »

When you want to plan an escapade from the hustle bustle of the crowds and refuse to actually check into a luxurious and boring hotel in some… Read more »

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